Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Toshiba unveils 1.8" 100 GB hard drive

Great news for the fans of tiny lil Mobile HDD. Toshiba has unveiled a 1.8" 100 GB mobile HDD.
The new model MK1011GAH has two platters, four heads, and can transfer data at 100 MB per second, according to Toshiba. The company also reports a 4200 RPM platter rotation speed, a weight of 59 grams, and dimensions of 54x71x8 mm.

Impressed with the stats? Now here is what in the store. Similarly, another company Hitachi is currently in the final stages of introducing a 250 GB HDD...Thats sounds pretty cool.

You guys must be wondering how does that help me? Well it can improve the capacity of IPODs etc.


Rohan Chandane said...

toshiba also launching mobile phones in India soon