Friday, November 24, 2006

Boost your Google Adsense Income with these simple tweaks

Did you wonder why your adsense income has never been upto the mark? Did you bitch about those who earn more than $100 per day? Its time to TRIPLE that income you earn on your blog/website.

Here how you do it:

1) Organise your blog's content
2) Submit your blog to Technorati
3) Use smart keywords to drive more traffic
4) Put ads in logical places. How you would determine it?
5) Get yourself a Google Analytics account. This program will let you run a marketing campagin and analyse user clicks and its a full bundler revenue analysis service for FREE.
6) Use your brains, dont put too many ads on the blog/site, which distracts people.

I would share some interesting facts to boost your income by over 600% by fixing your adsense code. Will share it in the second part. Do drop your comments.

If you dont have Google Adsense account, get one


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