Thursday, November 16, 2006

Legalise Prositution & Betting in India

I really dont understand a reason why prositution & Betting is a taboo in the indian society when almost 60% of the youth involved in either or both the activities. The recent sex survey by Indian today also revealed the habits of the indian youth and the risk they can/want to take for the 10 min pleasure time.

We call our indian society to be bound by values and culture. I guess all this is passe as we move to the next generation charged with porn movies, internet and MMS scandals they have nothing more to think about. The guys today spend half of their time in something related to sexual acts. Its not surprising but since we created it. Its the fruit of the so called Indian society tress which was watered with regulations and oldtimesake cultural foundations (which one follows).

I do agree that we have a great cultural history but unfortunately its not understood by the youths or its too late now to embibe it in the system. Many countries are still conservative in the nature however changed in the way to dilute their beliefs to the new socital changes.

The world will change and its bound to change, but India is not changing in the way they think about this issues. I think its high time to legalise some of the illegal (not anymore in many countries) things in india.

Why legalise prositution?

60% of the youth today and more in future, will feel the need of a prostitute (thanks to the societal rules), and the goverment will be left with rules which they dont follow. If its illegal and we cant stop it from happening. Atleast make it legal and ban people aged below 21 to enter such areas.

The goverment can build legal brothels and keep a close watch on the happenings there. This will ensure that the business is following the regulations. If these things become legal, the gangsters, gundas will have little say in the business and making them loosers in the end. Furthermore, to ensure that AIDS campaign is followed strictly, do regular medical checks at the brothers. This will definately curb down the momentum.

Similarly, Betting needs to be legalised. The goverment should allow private betting companies to enter the market and setup a shop here. The goverment by this easy mean can earn a huge commission over each betting transaction which can be used for the benefit of underpriviledged. I would say we can go to the point that the betting account will be traced by I T dept to even track down on the high earners, or even deduct TDS on the winning amount. This will ensure that everyone is happy. the goverment makes money, the guys makes money. Today only the punters earn...

I would continue with some other issues and solutions later