Thursday, November 23, 2006

Google's new born Babies

As i have spoken many times about google as a innovation company than a tech company. The company never fails to ensure that your belief is firm.

The technovators (Technology innovators, word coined by me. Dont republish) are working their ass out to give something new to the world and of course make money in the short or long run. The strategy is to have internet and people googlised. They have been successful so far but lets see what we have in our plates. I would covering some of the insider info here. Some of the products are in their alphas and not known to googler like you.

So enjoy and do drop a comment or two.

1) Google Web Toolkit (Now Build AJAX apps in the Java language)

When was the last time you thought of using AJAX, if you never thought about it. I guess its high time you should go for it. Its the language of the future and largely used by google labs for creating new systems/apps/webapps. Go for it and enjoy this new toolkit which can make your life easier.

Google Web Toolkit Features
Dynamic, reusable UI components
Create a Widget by compositing other Widgets. Lay out Widgets automatically in Panels. Send your Widget to other developers in a JAR file.
Really simple RPC
To communicate from your web application to your web server, you just need to define serializable Java classes for your request and response. In production, GWT automatically serializes the request and deserializes the response from the server. GWT's RPC mechanism can even handle polymorphic class hierarchies, and you can throw exceptions across the wire.
Browser history management
No, AJAX applications don't need to break the browser's back button. GWT lets you make your site more usable by easily adding state to the browser's back button history.
Real debugging
In production, your code is compiled to JavaScript, but at development time it runs in the Java virtual machine. That means when your code performs an action like handling a mouse event, you get full-featured Java debugging, with exceptions and the advanced debugging features of IDEs like Eclipse.
Browser compatible
Your GWT applications automatically support IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera with no browser detection or special-casing within your code in most cases.
JUnit integration
GWT's direct integration with JUnit lets you unit test both in a debugger and in a browser...and you can even unit test asynchronous RPCs.
Easily create efficient internationalized applications and libraries.
Interoperability and fine-grained control
If GWT's class library doesn't meet your needs, you can mix handwritten JavaScript in your Java source code using our JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI).

Interested wanna download

2) Make a Call from Google Maps

Wow. sounds cool and yeah its possible. Now you can search for a contact in Google maps and can actually make a call to that company.

According to Min Zeng, Google Maps team

Here's how it works: Search for a business, like a hardware store, on Google Maps, and click the 'call' link next to its phone number. Then, enter your phone number and click 'Connect For free.' Google calls your phone number and automatically connects you to the hardware store.There are two things that I really like about this. The business's phone number is automatically stored in your caller ID so you can easily call back in the future. And by checking the box to remember your phone number, you can make future calls from Google Maps with just two mouse clicks (and picking up your phone, of course).

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