Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mumbai- The freedom City

Mumbai a city which never sleeps. Neither people sleep here, coz many of them dont have their own house. 2 days back i read a stroy on Mid-day about 7 people getting killed by a uberspeedster young guy in early 20s. Eventually they were sleeping on the pavement. If this case goes to the court, which it will the guys protect themselves..

1) Pavement is not the place to sleep.
2) We were drunk but heck if no one was the pavement, it wouldn't have been a accident.

Suprisingly and surely these guys will escape from the Long (barely we can see) arm of law. The justice system in india is broken down and its useless to say the least. If you file a case today in family court, you would most probably get a date which is 15 yrs later. Am i sounding stupid? but heck i aint..its the fact and its true.

We always say USA is all about freedom. Be it related to sex, going naked on the beach or doing whatever you like. I counter that opinion, I strongly feel Mumbai gives freedom to do things which none of the country/city can ever think of.

Our road transport authority build pavements/footpaths for people to walk. during my visit, the footpaths were very new and build about 2 weeks back. I thought mumbai is finally improving, i started walking over the footpath. I couldnt walk for a mere 5 mins before i had to get on the road coz some stupid hair dresser has a illegal stall on that road. What the FCUK is that? Now the whole pavement is hijcked by bhelpuriwalas, vada pav stalls and what not. I guess these guys pay BMC for building nice polised cement concrate areas specially designed for them.

I dont know where Mumbai is leading to...but i feel like crying thinking of it.


Rohan Chandane said...

Is it The justice system or something else? but true, even I am wondering how can people get out in just Rs.1500

About pavements/footpaths, I am thinking all roads should be like worli sea face, where no pheriwala allowed on it! instead they shud give a place where all can come together and sell chat items!

What you think?

Vinay said...

Thanks Rohan. I think that wont really solve the problem. There has to be a designated area like a Hawker center or something in each muncipal ward and it has to be regulated. That should save us from roadside bhaiyyas..

Anonymous said...

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