Monday, November 20, 2006

History of Singapore- Part 1

Morning Line from my Desk:

Today's morning line is special. I am talk about singapore's history and how it shaped up as a world class city in this concluding series of blog posts. Enjoy and drop some comments.

A Series of Events in Singapore's History

1819 - Sir Stamford Raffles of British East India Company establishes trading post on Singapore island.
1826 - Singapore, Malacca and Penang become British colony of the Straits Settlements.
1832 - Singapore becomes capital of Straits Settlements. The port attracts thousands of migrants from China, India and other parts of Asia.
1867 - Straits Settlements become crown colony of British Empire.
1869 - Suez Canal opens, trade booms.
1922 - Singapore becomes main British naval base in East Asia.
1941 - World War II. Japan bombs Singapore.
1942 - Singapore falls to Japan, which renames it Syonan (Light of the South).
1945 - Japan defeated. Singapore under British military administration.
On this day 1957- British Government agrees to Singapore self-rule.