Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hong Kong from the Peak

Yet another series of travel blogging, i am presenting Hong Kong. The city much talked about in the west but still very much in the east. Probably the only city where you can see high rise building next to a small chinese town alongside (singapore can be quite close to it). I love hong kong for its diversity and local people. I even think hong kong has a great option for foodies. The local chinese food is very much similar to mainland china and you can easily get food from your own country. You name it hong kong has it. May it be prada, mango or any other brand, hong kong is newyork of the east. The only other city in the east which can compete with HK is only singapore. bangkok doesnt quality and KL sucks imho.

Lets look at this photos and video series. This post is only about Peak. The peak is the most visited destination or place in HK. One of the oldest tram still exist in HK and which takes you to the top of the peak. When you are in the tram you feel like you are going in a rocket or something and you can see building around you bending down..Its funny but its so cool. you gotta be there. Once you are on top, you gotta love the view of HK. Try to visit during non-winter days else its kinda dizzy and not so clear plus you will be freeze to death lol.

Check out The peak from my angle.