Friday, November 24, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Its out!

Yeah its out and if you havent downloaded it yet. Give it a shot. Lets look at some interesting features of the new firefox.

1) Search Engine Manager

Search Engine Manager screenshot

You can now quickly add, remove and re-order your search engines in the Search bar. Firefox 2 will also detect when a Web site has a search engine that can be installed, and will install it for you with a single click in the drop-down menu.

2) Clear Private Data (You naughty watching p()rN, get this :-)

Clear Private Data screenshot

Firefox offers the ability to clear all your private Web browsing data with just one click with the “Clear Private Data” tool. You can be confident that when you clear your private data in Firefox it’s gone - whether you are using your own computer or one at the library.

3) Phishing Protection- Very important these days with sites phishing you more and more. If you dont know phishing, read here

Phishing Protection screenshot Phishing Protection takes Firefox’s security to a new level, helping to safeguard your financial information and protect you from identity theft. When you encounter a Web site that is a suspected forgery (known as a “phishing” site) Firefox will warn you and offer to take you to a search page so you can find the real Web site you were looking for

4) Live Titles- Now thats interesting.

Live Titles screenshot

Keep an eye on that auction or the status of a delivery using the new Live Titles feature in Firefox 2. Compact enough to fit as a bookmark label, Live Titles are regularly updated summaries of the most important information on a Web page. As the information on the page gets updated, so does your Live Title. Try one out in Firefox 2 by bookmarking

5) Spell Checking--Very handy while blogging. Now be rest assured i wont make spell mistakes:P

Spell Checking screenshot

Sometimes you’re in a rush, and can’t remember if it’s “i” before “e” or the other way around. Firefox 2 has built-in spell checking to keep you from making any mistakes in your blog posts and Web-based email, so you can worry about more important things.

Wanna grab it.......................................HERE it is

Its direct download link