Saturday, November 25, 2006

Now Watch TV on your mobile

Converge is here.. We always strive to make our life better and one of the most widely used gadget is none other than "Mobile Phones". Mobiles have changed almost every year starting from a simple phone to make a call to a 3G phone, the journey was faster than your daily nature's call.

With 3G phones making video calls is no more a dream and now since people are addicted to TV as hey are to internet, companies are now thinking of giving TV access to the mobile users. The first step is already taken by Sony & Ericsson.

Sony has recently targeted nokia customers and trying to woo them with classy phones. I must say nokia lost a significant market to SE. SE gave awesome phone series with their W series being a major hit. I somehow dislike the bulky N series. IMHO it sucks big time. It sounds like handling a bloddy Walky-Talky phone. LOL.

Anyways getting back to the topic, Having co-operated successfully in cellphone handsets Sony and Ericsson are eyeing what they expect will be a boom market enabling people to watch TV on mobile handsets.

According to Sony,
about one third of the world's mobile phone users will regularly be watch TV broadcasts on their handsets in two years.

""Associated Press reported that the two companies demonstrated a number of solutions they expect to become commonplace in home entertainment, including systems where film footage and pictures can easily be sent between a regular TV and a mobile phone, allowing friends and family members to share footage with the press of a button."

Ericsson also announced that Belgian operator Proximus had awarded it a contract for an end-to-end mobile TV solution, including Ericsson's Channel Selector. "It will enable customers of Proximus to enjoy fast and easy channel surfing for mobile TV," Ericsson said.

Ericsson will provide Proximus with what it claims is the world's fastest channel selector solution, making mobile TV channel surfing much more convenient. "Changing from one channel to another needs just one click on the mobile handset. This saves time and brings the mobile TV experience closer to that of a home TV experience. The launch of the solution is planned for 2007.

Sounds like we are in for a treat. With more and more technology, i always wonder if mobile phone will be used for other services than making a call. I am predicting that in next 5 years, mobile will be a convergent device and it will change your life.