Monday, November 27, 2006

Consoles might beat PC As Preferred Gaming Platform

As most of you know that i am gamer myself (wouldnt make a mistake by calling myself a PRO) for more than 10 years now. Surpised? but hell yeah. I am playing since PC came to India lol. Now even though i moved out of india and soon becoming 30, my passion for gaming is not going to end too soon :-)

Perhaps the medium might change sooner than i thought. I am referring to the Killer Consoles which slowly but steadily making their way in the gamers house and of course their mind. The next couple of years are going to be crucial for consoles, if they want to lead the gaming scene. They need to provide alternative gaming (basically providing more alternative to gaming). The new consoles must provide stuff to lure those gamers who feel a necessity for consoles. Today gamers are happy with PC. It gives them not only gaming but music/videos etc. Of course the new consoles provide all that, however it should be distinctive. One of the few ideas could be to provide a non-downloadble buffered gaming content over the internet (of course only possible with fast broadband connections) but surely not a show-stopper. sooner or later world is getting converged with better connectivity. Next 5 years we could expect such technology. UT2007 is said to streaming maps over the internet and its a much awaited game on my list.

I surfed over the internet to know that Gears of War sold more than 1 million copies in less than a month (MS FTW) and that Zelda for Wii (and other games for it too, like Wii Sports or Red Steel) are also registering stellar sells.

One more important thing about consoles sales/marketing is the Pricing. Most of the gamers belong to teenage to 30's age bracket. People in 30s can afford the consoles but teenagers are largely dependent on their parents who wouldnt too happy to give their kids another gadget to play with when he already invested a few dollars on his brand new PC.

This question pop-ups every now and then. If consoles are purely for games why should i buy them? I again need to switch back to the PC for other activies, so consoles isnt that great.

Sony, MS and nintendo need to answer these questions before time slips off their hands. It looks like they wil.

Good luck to them and wish for a better hassle free gaming platform :-)


Yablko said...

Well..there is a reason to buy Wii though. I mean the controler..vrr..and its just sooo sexy :)

Vinay said...

I agree with you yablko. Wii looks more sexier than stupid xbox:P

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