Monday, November 20, 2006

Make money in Singapore with EmailCashPro

Did you go nuts with those online services giving away dollars for surfing, reading emails and clicking adverts., you aint the only one in this world. There are million such people who are fedup with this concept and have opted out rather than wasting their time on such stupid services which never payout any real income.

I used to think in similar way till im ran into this new service only available for singaporeans (anyone living in singapore not just citizens.). Even if you are an expat living here, you can give it a shot. It works as a MLM concept and you even get paid for links you didnt click but one of the MLM partner under you did it for you.

Its kinda cool and you actually get paid in real. People always have concern over the email they get from such providers, well they typically send only 1 email per day that too of your interestes (identifed at the time of registration).

So what are you waiting for give it a shot. Click below to register and make a good some of money for nothing.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting! It sounds credible to me, but have you found out about the next EmailCashPro, the second get paid to read email advertisements portal in Singapore? If not, it's good for you to be introduced to it at

Anonymous said...

You should try SG, they are also base in singapore and they are paying members just by signing up for free offers. You can check out their payment proof.
It is also free to join and they pay by dollars, not cents.


Anonymous said...

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