Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sony PSP 3 Firmware Download

If you have this cute lil gadget, its perhaps time to upgrade to the next patched version 3.1

The new update, version 3.01 is meant to allow users to achieve a close connection with the company's next generation games console PlayStation 3.

The update allows users to watch data stored on their PS 3 through their PSP courtesy a wireless connection. Sony has also improved the RSS reader and has provided support for the camera accessory.

Additionally users can also play music stored on any memory stick using the PSP's MP3 player. A visual player feature has also been added, as has a 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse feature for the music category.

You can also
downloaded some games on the PS 3 and played on the PSP. These games include Resident Evil Director's Cut, Konami's Antiques MSX Collection, Bishi Bashi Special, Arc the Lad, Jumping Flash, Hot Shots Golf 2, Silent Bomber and Tekken 2.


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