Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sentosa Integrated Resport- Opportunities for Singapore

The recent deal with Las vegas Sands for Marina bay IR (Integrated Resort) has put Singapore on the forefront of travel destinations to visit in next 5 years. Singapore has always been a first choice of asians, especially indians for a annual holiday. Although recently, its lost a bit of charm after HK took over singapore by getting disney by their side. It was about time for a conservative singaporeans to look beyond the natural beauty and welcome tourist round the globe by offering something unique and out of the box.

PM Lee agaisnt all opposition has decided to go ahead with his IR plans. One of the major change in what was earlier proposed and whats coming our way is the "Casino". The earlier concept was just to build the casino, but there was immense opposition since chinese people love gambling. (if you dont believe me go to genting casino. Every other guy next to you is chinese). finally a more demanding and value-added plan was prepared. A plan that will help singapore to be on TOP as a entertaining as well as cultural city in Asia.

IR will have casino, entertainment atriums, food malls and a convention center to attract the business travelling community. One of the things singapore always lacked was BUZZ. If you happen to visit HK, you would soon realise its all about BUZZ. HK is more happening that singapore for nightlife. However lack the singaporean greenery, which i love the most.

Singapore is perhaps the greenest city in the world and we still maintain it when the world is moving toward cementing their lives.

I got some photos of the recent bids submitted by various casions/corporations for Sentosa Ir bid. Have a look and dream for that singapore...............

IR Bid 1: Third Wonder

IR Bid 2: Genting & Star Cruises Bid

IR Bid 3: Kerzner & Capitaland

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Keep Watching this space for more exciting news.


Diana said...

Hi Vinay,

I like the design of your blog a lot, and the photos are really great!


Vinay said...

Thanks Diana..Keep visiting the blog in future. I am also looking for some writers/authors for this blog.. if you are interested let me know.