Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Gadget you might see in next 5 years

After looking at today's technology, can someone make a wild guess as to what technology gadgets might be available to us and which is that gadget which will be converged more. I guess i can give it a try. I might not be right but i am sure i would be close to the reality :-)

1) Mobile: One of the widely and largely used gadget around the world. Would be converged the most with TV, Movies and more entertainment added to this already bulky options catalogue. But i am getting a feeling that mobiles will not be called mobile. The primary function will not be Calls it will be video calls and even much more than that.

2) Consoles: This is going to be a HIT and slowly people wont play games on their PC. 5 yrs might be a short time for that but surely consoles will make their way in more and more houses that they are today. Next 10 years you will see Console market is the hottest and i can expect more companies in the next 5 years exploring the scene.

3) Mp3/Mp4/Mp5 Player: MP3 player is a cheap word today. Ipod has already leading the mp3 player scene. However you can expect more intelligent Ipods in the next 5 years. These Ipod are internet driven and you can play music over the internet without downloading them on your Ipod. Better wireless control and free download will make this market as HOT as the girl next door. Maybe you might see Mp5 a new standard with more compressed data storage facility. Most of these players with be HDTV compatible.

I would cover some more electronic items which might change in the next 5 years.

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