Friday, November 17, 2006

The Morning Line

From today each business day, i will be writing a Morning Line. A daily quick news bit from my desk.

1) Prez Bush on the run to Hanoi
Well poor prez is on the run again this time trying to vow wounded Vietnam. This APEC, you can expect a cautious prez talking favourable about Asia-Pac countries. Its highly likely that britain might stop supporting prez now over a period. Bush now trying to find old asian frds for the rest of his time@ office. Good luck bush..Its time to pay for Iraq.

2) Sinapore Rains:
Damn the singapore rain caught me twice since yesterday. Yesterday afternoon during lunch and now morning, the rain lashed singapore for not more than 10 mins. However, made a lill damage to my new giovani shirt...:-( lol.