Monday, November 20, 2006

Google- A Company with Ideas

Google- a monster grown from a baby infant within a short span of time. One of the striking difference difference between google and other companies was always the passion to create something new. To innovate was the key for google's success and of course now they adopted a new technique of biuying out companies which are doing well in the niche areas (e.g Youtube).

With such amazing ideas and somethingnewhappening@googleallthetime , everyone is looking for new stuff coming our way from Google. Lets look at what we can expect in coming months.

1) Google Code Search:

After being a undisputed leader in search engines and offering value added services like google desktop search, google suggest etc. Google is now focusing on a niche market of programmers. We all know more than 70% of the code written by programmes is inspired/searched over the net. I wouldnt called it a rip-off but a knowledge re-use. Its necessary and its has its own market. Programmers always find it difficult to find codes but not anymore.

They might be able to do stuff like..

Search for a regular expression go{2}gle hello,\ world ^int printk

2) Google Transit:

After google maps, a new extention to the series with Transit services tracking. Unfortunately, its gonna be available only in US atleast in beta.

3) Google Accessible

are you handicapped? visually impaired? Google has a answer. This new site will help handicapped people with search over the internet.

4) Google Mars

Ever wondered about aliens? Fed up of living with Animals around you (LOL). Its prolly time for you to imagine youself buying a property over mars. I am kidding., but new service definately put a lot of light to the notsohypedup mars mission.

Enjoy browsing through the sites and drop some comments. If you are looking for some specific reviews about websites, products etc, please let me know. I would cover them here.